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[TESTIMONIAL] – EZI Sweep Industries

All around New Zealand, ProtectaMats are being used daily to stop contractors getting stuck and keep sensitive surfaces from damage.

Ezi-Sweep Industries Ltd are a respected contracting company based in Nelson. They run a fleet of 8 specially configured trucks and several other specialist vehicles, providing roadsweeping, hydra-vaccing and suction truck services across the Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast regions. Suction truck services are now a key part of the business’s offering to local road maintenance contractors, and it is this part of the business where ProtectaMats are becoming a vital component.

ProtectaMats used by facilities maintenance contractor sweeper truck on grass

Here’s what Lyndon Brewerton, Operations Manager had to say after hiring the mats for several weeks:

“As our trucks are extra easy to get stuck due to their low ground clearance we have found these ground protection mats pay themselves off considering the following:

-Generally if our suction trucks get stuck they require a crane to lift them out which costs more than mat hire

-If we use a crane there’s potentially incident investigations to do and in some situations having to alter TMPs to accommodate a crane all of which is a distraction to the worksite

-Stuck truck is loss of productive time for both ourselves & our clients”

Many customers are finding ProtectaMats delivering to their bottom line, but further to this, Ezi-Sweep’s experience shows how ProtectaMats can benefit your client’s bottom line – which enhances your crucial unique service advantage over the competition:

  • Greater machine uptime – spend less time getting stuck and more time earning money
  • Protect stakeholder assets – prevent damage to grass, lawns and asphalt and thus eliminate costly remediation
  • Access more sites – ProtectaMats open up the scope of projects you are able to quote on

Ezi-Sweep have joined the many contracting companies across many industrial and construction sectors reaping the benefits – operational and financial – of using these mats. When will YOU join these successful companies?

Contact Us today to find the benefits of using ProtectaMats!

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