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7 Reasons NOT to use Plywood for Ground Protection

Plywood – it’s great for bracing timber – but here’s 7 reasons why you shouldn’t be using plywood as a ground protection or temporary roadway fix on your construction site.

  1. Plywood is useless after one cycle. Plywood is often bought, used and thrown out. If you’re regularly traversing lawns, turf, muddy sites, paving or asphalt, you really need something that lasts. ProtectaMats have a 6-yr warranty and will last a lifetime in most applications.
  2. Plywood is slippery. ProtectaMats, by contrast, have various grip options to provide maximum grip, ensuring operator safety and mat stability.
  3. Plywood has a low load safety factor. Plywood will easily crack or de-laminate if it comes under too much strain. ProtectaMats are rated to take 80T of load – vastly higher than plywood.
  4. Plywood is not weather-resistant. Come a significant rainfall event, plywood will de-laminate and fail. ProtectaMats repel water and are 100% waterproof.
  5. Plywood is not eco-friendly. Plywood is obviously derived from our forests, which, even if sustainably harvested, don’t need their byproducts to be wasted unnecessarily. ProtectaMats, by contrast, are manufactured from 100% recycled, post-industrial HDPE that lasts for years.

Contact us today to find out more about why ProtectaMats Ground Protection Mats represent an economical alternative to plywood.

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