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Temporary Carparks

ProtectaMat Temporary Carparks are a fully re-usable, mobile and very effective alternative to traditional gravel carparks.

Whether your carpark is 10m2 or 1,000m2, and you’re a construction company requiring a temporary carpark for project or client staff, or a business, event or organisation looking to utilise grassed areas for temporary parking; ProtectaMat Temporary Carpark Solutions are a far superior alternative to traditional gravel/metal solutions.

Major benefits of a ProtectaMat Temporary Carpark include;

1 – Fully Re-usable

Manufactured from high density, long-life recycled plastic, ProtectaMats can be re-used on numerous carparks, in some situations for up to 10 years. The mats perform well in NZ’s UV environment, are very tough and resistant to damage, and fast and easy to deploy, uplift and store. Protectamat Temporary Carparks drastically reduce the requirement for gravel / metal fill.

2 – Fast and Simple Installation

ProtectaMat Temporary Carparks are very fast and simple to install. Compared to the burdensome scheduling requirement and timeframes of a gravel carpark, ProtectaMat carparks require minimal site preparation. If we have enough stock available to fulfil your requirement – and we have vastly expanded our stockholding – you could expect an install within 3 weeks from order confirmation.

3 – Superior Carpark Performance

Protectamat Temporary Carparks vastly reduce the amount of mud trackout and dust onsite. This keeps the construction environment cleaner, and improves outcomes for your client.

Our temporary carparks are permeable, and have excellent drainage performance.

The surface is also pedestrian friendly – you won’t find ruts forming, and the grip

Protectamat temporary carparks also perform well on slopes – gravel carparks are basically not an option on slopes.

4 – Virtually Maintenance Free

ProtectaMat Temporary carparks are virtually maintenance free. Being a bolt-together or clip-together system (depending on which mat solution is best for you) – there’s very minimal ongoing maintenance.

5 – Environmentally Friendly

ProtectaMat Temporary Carparks are the way of the future. Our mats are made from 100% recycled plastic, and most are fully recyclable at end-of-life – a completely closed-loop system.

Our carpark solution takes hundreds of trucks off the road, reduces excavator movements, and reduces the requirement for extractive gravel – all providing environmental benefits to your project or operation.

6 – Financially Viable

ProtectaMat Temporary carparks stack up well against gravel. Although slightly more expensive per m2, they are fully re-usable – over a couple of projects you can well and truly start to see financial benefits.

Also, we can consider a range of options include hire, lease and buyback (depending on the product) to make the project more financially viable for you.

Talk to us today!

We utilise a range of our products depending on the site and application. Our experienced staff can assist with design. We strongly recommend involving us at the early stages of your project to ensure optimum outcomes.

We can provide a full service, including;

  • Supply/hire/lease of product
  • Installation
  • Ancilliary products, e.g. fencing, geotextile underlay, kerb ramps, etc.

Please contact us to see how ProtectaMats can help your project forward!

PHONE 0800 001 226     EMAIL [email protected]


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