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About ProtectaMats©

Why Use ProtectaMats©?

ProtectaMats serve two main purposes:

1 – Temporary Roadway Mat

ProtectaMats allow for all-weather, all-surface site access. They provide a durable means of accessing sites that were inaccessible due to ground conditions, cost of remediation or heavy traffic requirements.

Ground conditions play a significant role in greenfield operations, commercial developments and projects that need access to remote sites.  Wet, muddy or uneven ground conditions can cause projects to be delayed or even halted.


2 – Protecting Sensitive Surfaces

Ground protection mats also prevent damage to turf, agricultural land, heritage sites or sensitive eco systems, and anywhere  that traffic from vehicles and pedestrians can result in costly repairs and remediation.

The ground protection mats are then used to create temporary access roads, parking lots, or walkways providing safe pedestrian and access routes for the duration of projects or events, while virtually eliminating severe rutting or damage to ground and landscaping and can ensure that vehicles, machinery and people can move freely on projects without becoming stuck in the mud or damaging sensitive ground, natural grass or turf.

How will ProtectaMats benefit owners?

  1. Less downtime & delays = faster project completion
  2. Eliminate cost of remediation
  3. Less project management time and delay on future workloads
  4. Improved on-site health & safety
  5. Efficient deployment and storage
  6. More satisfied clientele / stakeholders

Should I hire or buy?

It is generally more cost-effective in the medium to long term to purchase mats rather than hire or continually use other stop-gap products such as plywood. Each ProtectaMat comes with a 6-year warranty and in most cases can withstand decades of heavy industrial use, so rarely needs to be thrown out or replaced.

However we have the ability to provide options for short, medium and long-term hire in situations where project length and capex limitations do not justify outright purchase, NZ-wide.

The Product

ProtectaMats are manufactured in a specialist facility in Slovenia, Europe, by TuffTrak Ground Protection Solutions, a division of Checkers Safety Products.
Dominant in the industry in the USA and Europe, TuffTrak has the capability for large quantity, specialised production. Visit for more information.

Read more details below about why ProtectaMats is New Zealand’s best Ground Protection Solution.

Material Quality

Our mats are manufactured in Europe from high molecular weight polyethylene and other composite materials making them light yet durable. Unlike wood, ProtectaMat® products won’t chip, crack or rot. The composite material is chemically inert to avoid leaching of contaminants, non-conductive, puncture resistant, weather proof, water resistant, resistant to corrosion from acids, alkalies and solvents.

By nature, the physical performance properties of polyethylene are unaffected by extreme temperatures. Our mats have been successfully used in diverse temperature extremes ranging from very cold mountainous areas to extremely hot areas.

Manufacturing Process

ProtectaMats are manufactured using a proprietary compression moulding process. This process makes the mats puncture resistant, yet highly ductile, allowing it to adjust to changing ground contours.

This greatly increases the useful working life of the product. Many mats available on the market today, particularly those sourced from parts of Asia, are manufactured using the plastic extrusion process. This process does not result in anything like the same level of ductility and longevity of ProtectaMats.

Chevron Grip

We understand that effective and safe vehicle traction is a key issue in every temporary access project and is fundamental to the health and safety of on-site personnel.  The unique Chevron grip was designed to meet a number of problems with other mats:

  • Helps to dispel mud whilst vehicles traverse over them
  • Reduces sideways movement and slippage delivering optimal forward traction for heavy vehicles and machinery
  • Safe and easy to walk on.

Connection Options

A large range of connection options are available to suit different ground conditions, including specialist connectors for undulating ground. This allows a wide range of projects to be catered to effectively.

Our Clients

We have worked with hundreds of customers around New Zealand, solving their temporary site access problems with our ground protection solutions, in industries as diverse as construction, sports & turf, local councils, and utilities. Our customers include many blue-chip clients, including Fletcher Construction, City Care, Downer, Fulton Hogan, and Auckland City Council.

Due to our extensive global contact base, if there’s some specialist product you need that we don’t offer on this site, it’s more than likely we can source it for you.

See our Applications page for more information
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