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Maxi-Track, developed by Ground-Guards in the UK, is the world’s first man-handleable mat for ultra-heavy-duty applications.

Easily man-handleable at only 40kg per mat, rated to take 130T each, and designed with interlocking flanges, the Maxi-Trak is a truly innovative product.

The MaxiTrak system was developed in the UK specifically to fulfill a unique niche: a man-handleable ground protection mat capable of 120T+ load capacity.

At only 40kg each, Maxi-Trak mats can easily be handled by two workers without the need for expensive lifting equipment or crane hire.

Overlapping flanges provide maximum support, reducing slippage and mud suppression. Unique slotted joints cope with heat expansion in large area applications.

Maxi-Trak mats feature a reversible tread pattern – SmartGrip (criss-cross tread) on one side and OctaGrip (octagonal nubs) on the other side.


Length – 180mm
Width – 900mm
Core Thickness – 25mm
Usable Surface Area – 1.62m2
Weight – 40kg
Rated Support Capacity – 130 Tonnes
Material – Zentralene HDPE recycled plastic
Manufacturing Location – UK
Handles – None – features unique interlocking edges
Grip Type – Side 1 – SmartGrip (criss-cross tread) / Side 2 – OctaGrip (octagonal tread)
Connection Points – 12
Connection Types – 6x self-aligning shoulder bolts
Maximum recommended stack height – 25 mats
Chemical properties – Chemically inert – will not leach pollutants
Electrical properties – Non-conductive, ideal for electrical applications

Download our full Technical Product Info sheet here

Recommended for…

  • Heavy Equipment 80T+
  • Large, heavy-use temporary carparks
  • Mining
  • Military


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