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ProtectaMats are widely used in all stages of the construction process. They allow construction companies to access their sites with heavy machinery all year round, while also preventing any damage to lawns, turf, asphalt or paving

Common uses in the construction process include:

  • Providing access across soil, grass, farmland or sand in all weather conditions
  • Protecting grass verges, residential and commercial lawns, and sportsfields from damage by heavy trucks and equipment
  • Protecting berms and pavements from damage by heavy equipment
  • Pedetrian walkway in muddy/boggy areas
  • Protection of paved areas and murals
  • Safe and secure roadway for heavy equipment particularly cranes, large steel-tracked excavators and dump trucks

Please contact us to see how ProtectaMats can help your business forward!

ground protection mats being used by Higgins Concrete for Concrete pour New Zealand


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