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ProtectaMat Joiners / Connectors

ProtectaMat stocks a range of joiners / connectors for your ground protection mats. Joiners help to increase the effective tractive grip of the mat system, and prevent slippage when underneath heavy machinery.

At ProtectaMat we stock a range of connectors for joining our range of mats together. This brings a number of key advantages to the operator.

Increased rigidity – Protectamat Joiners increase the rigidity of the mat system. By joining 2 or more mats together, the rigidity, and thus effective load spreading capability of the mats, is substantially improved.

Preventing mat slippage or movement – When used in soft ground particularly under heavy trucks and equipment, mats can slip out beneath the wheels. Staking or joining mats together prevents this,

Preventing stolen mats – Ground protection mats can be subject to night raids by thieves, and if mats are connected together while on site this greatly reduces the chances of them being stolen.

Contact us to discuss which joiner option is best for your application.


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