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DiamondTrack Trackout Control Mat

ProtectaMat Diamondtrack by Signature Systems

Diamondtrack is Signature Systems’ new trackout control solution. This heavy duty composite mat features a distinctive diamond-shaped nub that removes the dirt and debris off vehicle tyres as they exit a construction zone.

Diamondtrack trackout control mats improve the efficiency of your worksites. Virtually maintenance free for the duration of your project, Diamondtrack mats can be used many times over.

  • Capable of working with a wide variety of truck and vehicle tires
  • Each diamond feature has a load bearing capacity of 800psi
  • The diamond design has a large surface area and perimeter contact area to maximise effectiveness in removing stubborn materials
  • Can be used over almost any surface – unexcavated soil, concrete, asphalt, etc.
  • Extremely durable – 10 year design lifetime
  • Improve outcomes for your clients with less mess to cleanup


ProtectaMat DiamondTrack by Signature

Overall Dimensions – 2.13m x 3.66m x 95mm
Surface Area 7.8m²
Weight – 197kg
Material – HDPE plastic, UV resistant, anti-static and impact modified
Weight Loading – ultimate crush strength of 45,000lbs per diamond (800psi) depending on subsurface
Connectors – Double stud plate system

Download our full Technical Product Info sheet here

Recommended for…

  • Greenfield construction sites
  • Subdivision development
  • Large scale earthworks projects
  • Roading projects
  • Quarries
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure


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